Meet Our Team

Meet The Remedy Rooter Family

Future Apprentices

Future Apprentice

Dan’s 5 yr old daughter. She is in the dual language program in kindergarten and her Spanish is almost as good as her English. She loves learning how things work and she is more of a plumbing person than a drain person so far. She tells me if it’s a really big job, to let her know because she’ll come help dig. She is the company and Dan’s biggest cheerleader.

Future Apprentice

Katie is in a Spanish speaking preschool in Encinitas. She is pretty steady with a drill and has a persistence and tenacity that I admire. After a book but before bedtime, we watch videos about shower cartridges and how the sewer system works. Katie’s favorite part of plumbing so far is the cookies she gets when they come to the shop. :)



Omar went to Montgomery High and lives in San Diego. His favorite part of being a plumber is that every day there is a different issue to solve. His specialty is finding the root cause of plumbing issues and not simply treating the symptoms. In his off time, Omar likes spending time with his family, traveling, and working on his house.


Paul went to Crawford High School in San Diego and currently lives in the Chula Vista area. His favorite part of plumbing is helping customers and finding efficient fixes. He enjoys golfing, gardening, and playing the guitar. Paul is a single digit handicap golfer.


- Rafael lives in Chula Vista and came to Remedy as a drain specialist. Rafael hasn’t come across a drain he can’t clear and is an all-around tremendous plumber. In addition to his plumbing prowess, Rafael has an infectious positive attitude. He approaches each job with enthusiasm and a problem-solving mentality. In his off time, he loves playing soccer and spending time with his family.


Tim is a San Diego native and attended the all-boys Catholic high school Saint Augustine in North Park. He has 5 brothers and sisters. His favorite part of the plumbing is big jobs like 100-gallon water heaters and sewer replacements.


Daniel went to Hilltop High School in Chula Vista. He is currently pursuing a B.A. in Aerospace Engineering at Southwest Community College and will be continuing upper-level courses at SDSU to be a plumbing engineer. Daniel is soon to be our second certified backflow tester. His favorite part of plumbing is finding completely untouched old-style plumbing left behind in buildings. Outside of work Daniel enjoys playing water polo.


Juan is a Navy veteran with an amazing outlook on life. His faith is important to him, he is easy-going and loves to get the job done. His favorite part of plumbing is solving problems and leaving the situation better than it was. Juan is an entrepreneur owning/running a commercial knife sharpening business. When Dan interviewed Juan, Dan wasn’t actively hiring. When Dan asked Juan what he thinks about when he’s walking into a customer’s home, Juan said, ‘how to keep it clean’ and Dan couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have Juan onboard.


Rick started his plumbing career in 2004 with plumbing school. Celebrating his 20th year as a commercial and residential plumber, Rick is still just as excited as he was then to solve hard drain calls and fix leaks. Rick has another gear when it comes to jobs that require significant coordination or where there is a chance to upgrade an existing plumbing system to make it the right way. Rick lives in San Diego and likes to go hiking with his family at Mission Trails on the weekends.

Office Staff


Dan is originally from Chicago. After serving in the Navy as a Submarine Warfare Officer, Dan stayed in amazing San Diego. After Chicago, even on rainy or gray days, Dan is grateful for San Diego. He holds our license and is the plumbing manager, in addition to sales, marketing, finance and accounting. He has two redhead daughters aged 5 and 3 and can’t wait to get them involved in the business. A fun fact is that Dan once spent 45 days in a row underwater.

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Operations Manager

Graham attended Mount Miguel High school and lives in the Jamacha/Lomita area. His favorite part of plumbing is troubleshooting and fixing problems. One of Graham’s specialties is finding unusual parts that are needed for jobs sometimes. Prior to Remedy Rooter, Graham ran movie theaters throughout San Diego county. Graham is our first certified backflow tester.

Lead Dispatcher

As our lead dispatcher, Dave has been described as a ‘lion tamer.’ His role can be difficult/stressful and is of critical importance to match the right plumber with the right call and have everyone be in the right places at the right times. His part of the job is coming in at 6AM to make a plan for the day. He went to Santana High School in Santee and currently lives in Santee. When he’s not dispatching, Dave has a business Bliss Distributing selling paint and sandblast supplies.

Customer Service Rep

Amber is originally from the Bay Area and moved to SD to pursue a Math Education PhD at SDSU. She then took a career pivot with a desire to support a team and have frequent customer interactions. Amber’s raw intellect and emotional intelligence are off the charts. Amber is the voice of the company, and I can promise you’ll enjoy talking to her.

Customer Service Rep/Plumbing Apprentice

Luciano lives in the Mt Helix and previously has held roles as CSR at two of the best-known plumbing companies in San Diego. Before that, he was a General Manager of a cold storage facility. Luciano came to Remedy to learn plumbing and works in a hybrid role as plumber and dispatcher. His knowledge of both sides makes the company stronger. His favorite part of the job is solving problems.